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Whitney port and jay lyon still dating

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Later, she moved on to ELLE, where she constantly fought with PR maven Erin Kaplan.

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Just call her Enigma Erin.’ Whitney Port moved to New York City with big dreams of becoming a fashion designer.Port launched her fashion line "Whitney Eve" in 2009.In 2012, she served as a judge on the eighth cycle of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model.She had a little housewarming get-together on Thursday night and Freddie wasn’t there.” Friends of Fackelmayer insist the relationship is legit and that the two were hot and heavy in the Hamptons recently.But after her house party, Port went to 1Oak for a Michael Jackson tribute, where she was spotted sucking face with her ex, Jay Lyon, on the dance floor.During production of the first season, Port and Conrad held internships with Teen Vogue under the direction of West Coast Vogue editor Lisa Love, who stated the girls had to interview successfully for the positions, "regardless of what the cameras wanted".

Upon the conclusion of the fourth season of The Hills that December, Port moved to New York City to accept a position with Diane von Fürstenberg.

Whit’s Australian boyfriend who modeled and played in the band ; Tamarama, ; Jay broke her heart when he abruptly broke up with her before leaving on tour.

Afterwards, Whit ;said of him, “And he was a musician at the time and I think that he was cool with it, who knows his motives? I think he loved it.” , Allie, known as Adam’s girlfriend, was told her boyfriend had kissed another girl — by the girl he kissed.

Port had a cameo role in the film What To Expect When You're Expecting, starring Jennifer Lopez.

In March 2013, Whitney's father, Jeffrey Port, died from a year-long battle with kidney cancer.

That month, she was commissioned to star in the spin-off series The City, which additionally placed emphasis on her boyfriend Jay Lyon, their friends Erin Lucas and Adam Senn, and her co-worker Olivia Palermo.