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Who is biz markie dating

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The Biz Markie brand has also achieved commercial success for corporate sponsors such as Capt’n Crunch, Verizon, Pepsi Cola Corporation, Budweiser and more.

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Before he got famous Biz Markie was interviewed in the 1986 cult documentary Big Fun In The Big Town.The single "Just a Friend", in which he alternates between rap and singing, became Markie's most successful single, reaching #9 on the Billboard charts.The song interpolates the 1968 song "You Got What I Need" by singer/songwriter Freddie Scott, whose basic chord and melody provided the base for the song's chorus. At the climax of the video, Biz Markie's character stumbles upon a girl he was trying to date kissing another man she had previously referred to as "just a friend".Biz has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The Meredith Vieira Show.Other projects include Listerine, Zevia, commercials for Lucky Charms, Radio Shack and Heineken, Tune Up Media, and designing a sneaker with Pro Keds.You can find Biz spinning and performing amongst almost every major celebrity in America and abroad.

He has under his belt such mega-events as The Grammy’s After Parties, The Pre-Oscar Party, Will Smith Movie Premiere Events, Chris Rock’s “No Apologies” tour, events hosted by The Magic Johnson Foundation, State Farm (50 Million Pound Challenge), ESPN as well as for such annual occasions as the Super Bowl, NBA Allstar Weekend, CIAA Weekend, Essence Festival and many more. He currently DJs and performs in club and concert venues all over the world, consistently booking over 175 shows a year.

Now 30 years older and immensely wiser, Biz continues to be universally praised by the ever-fickle and unforgiving hip-hop industry.

No easy feat to accomplish, Biz is the definition of longevity and has managed to remain one of the most notable artists and DJs in the industry.

On October 10, 1989 The Biz Never Sleeps, Biz Markie's second studio album, was released on Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros.

Records, produced by Biz, his cousin Cool V and Paul C.

, but his career had been hurt by the publicity emanating from the lawsuit, and the record suffered accordingly.