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Who is brooke davis dating

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And Sophia Bush's character possessed plenty of both.

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Lucas takes it in his stride, and does not feel that Brooke wants to be in a relationship with him.This affects Brooke because she was known as the rich girl and the party girl but now she might not be able to be either.Sparks fly between Brooke and Felix, and after some initial flirtation, the two initially start having a "friends with Benefits" relationship, which is a relationship purely based on sex.A side where she is compassionate and understanding.That night, Lucas and Brooke form a strong bond and eventually start dating.Brooke doesn't back down even in the face of dirty politics by one Erica Marsh (Katherine Bailess), and wins the post of Student Council President after Mouth delivers a touching recommendation speech to a packed auditorium for her.

She quickly befriends Mouth once again, as well as Erica, who she feels sorry for, as Erica it turns out doesn't have any friends.

Furious and betrayed, Brooke ends her relationships with both of them; Peyton feeling guilty about betraying her best friend breaks up with Lucas; however this does nothing to soothe Brooke who feels that she was totally and utterly betrayed by Peyton.

Brooke later said to Peyton before the prom; “You don't get it, do you? Brooke and Lucas also had a pregnancy scare following their break up.

Sawyer”, before Peyton replied, “I love you too, B. Season 2 In the beginning of the second season, Brooke suffers a radical change as her family suffers a financial problem.

They get to keep the house but most of the possessions inside of it, they have to sell.

But Felix eventually wants to take things further, and even though she fears he could break her heart, she agrees to start dating.