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Who is bruno tonioli dating

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And on Monday Bruno, 61, headed immediately out on a date with Matt to A-list Hollywood restaurant Catch, where they put their arms around each other after a romantic dinner for two.

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Not that Bruno is bothered as he thinks everyone is ‘so puritanical’ now and that everyone should be kissing all the time. Brendan insisted at the time that he ‘didn’t cross any lines with Natasha’, adding that his relationship with Camilla ended early on in the series ‘so what happened happened after that’.Bruno's film credits include Ella Enchanted, The Gathering Storm, Little Voice, Dancin' thru the Dark, Enigma, The Parole Officer, and What a Girl Wants.His television credits include the Blake's 7 episode Rescue, Miss Marple's The Body in the Library, Blonde Bombshell, Scarlet Pimpernel, and The Bare Necessities.Tonioli says that growing up in a Catholic household, his sexuality was never talked about.In an interview with The Mirror he said that guys were always hanging around the house and he never had a girlfriend, so his parents had to have known. I was labelled ‘the queenie guy’ and ‘the queer’, which was the worst thing you could be told in Italy in those days. ’ and chased me from the club with a broken bottle, then pinned me up against a wall.However, Bruno insisted he didn’t sleep in the same bed during their relationship.

Tonioli stated: 61-year-old, TV personality does not have a long dating history or affair rumors.

He went on to say that Stacey told him she didn’t start ‘entertaining’ Kevin until after their relationship was over.

BRUNO Tonioli is the much-loved feisty and ever so flamboyant Italian judge on Strictly Come Dancing.

He has danced on a number of major shows and music videos, including Elton John's I'm Still Standing.

Bruno later moved into choreography after his work was featured on Not The Nine O' Clock News.

And fans of the BBC dance contest will soon be getting their Bruno fix as he returns to the judging panel for the 17th series of the hit show. Bruno Tonioli and his fellow judge Craig Revel Horwood are reportedly paid £110,000 each series of Strictly Come Dancing. I rent where I live." But, fiery Bruno said in an interview with The Mirror: "Those are the terms of the negotiations. " The Strictly judge is a renowned dancer and choreographer, who has worked with some of the biggest name in the entertainment industry, including Michael Jackson, Elton John and Freddie Mercury.