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Who is dmx dating now

Brian Reagan following his introduction on the Bravo reality show. Although that relationship is now over, Dodd has already found herself a new man.

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So by all accounts, he appears to still be single... Obviously, Tyler isn't able to post anything that would spoil how the rest of the season plays out, so even if he is with someone else, he wouldn't be allowed to say so.

He wanted to get to know the real her, and that meant being with her through all the highs Tyler and Hannah's connection has only continued to grow stronger over time.

Their chemistry has always been off the charts, which is why Hannah said she wanted to use their Fantasy Suite date to make sure their emotional connection was on the same level, rather than taking their physical relationship to the next step.

But if that ends up being the case, what does Tyler's current love life look like?

A deep dive into his social media shows that he is extremely focused on his work with ABC Food Tours right now, which is described on its official website as an "experiential learning platform for students in NYC living in underserved communities that will educate, motivate, and inspire them to overcome life's obstacles."A vast majority of his posts are centered around the organization and all of the great ways he's helping to contribute.

Kelly then said: “Nope, but funny and sweet.” Then in a second response, she even tagged Dr.