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At its heart, it’s a story about belonging, but it’s also about the touching friendship between the prince, Jimmie, and his companion Montgomery, who stands by Jimmie in his quest to find purpose and identity.

Check back often as we will continue to update this page with new relationship details.and its music continue to hold such sway over me, long after I absorbed them for the first time back in June [It’s still in theaters by the way].In each frame and accompanying musical note, the devotion of the people behind them is deeply felt.When I discovered this was the feature film debut for both the director, native San Franciscan Joe Talbot, and his thoughtfully chosen score composer Emile Mosseri, my admiration grew to astonishment. Lead actor and long-time friend of Talbot’s, Jimmie Fails also graced the silver screen for the first time and really lived the story of the film: one of a young San Franciscan man’s physical displacement from the city he grew up in and his soulful will to reclaim the grand Victorian house he once called home.Talbot addresses the painful reality of gentrification in his hometown, but frames it romantically as a fairy tale of a deposed prince returning to a city and dwelling that are now foreign to him.All of these lend the movie its soul and then follow you home, fomenting lasting images of poignant humanity, and humility.

Mosseri’s score permeates each utterance, each shout, each gaze, each line delivered, and each beautiful shot of a city and its esoteric history.

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Juno Award for Group of the Year, Juno Award for Single of the Year, Juno Award for Pop Album of the Year, GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Music Artist, Everything Is AWESOME!!!

Cognizant of the high stakes going in, Mosseri rose to the occasion to deliver a score that shares the pulse of the film, assuming its life force..

It feels like it sprung full bloom into the story, organically becoming part of the emotional fabric.

When it came time to give a musical voice to these central and deeply personal themes, Talbot knew his choice would be crucial to the delivery of his and Jimmie’s message. A student of score composition at Berklee School of Music and a member of the long touring band The Dig, Mosseri had prepared for this opportunity, but had yet to take on the challenge of scoring a feature length film.