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Why she doesnt bother with dating

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Neil Sedaka may have been guilty of understatement. Breaking up is not just hard to do; it can be a life trauma on a par with the death […] Want to move your relationship onto the next stage but can’t get your partner to commit?

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Try changing your strategy and see if her body language becomes more relaxed and open.This is kind of a no-brainer, however you wouldn’t believe the number of guys that do not pick up on this gesture!If she’s sitting with her head resting in her hand with downcast eyes she is bored and not interested in anything you have to say.Do you often find yourself apologising or making excuses for them?You may be experiencing gaslighting David and Jane have been partners for three years and live together.Both have good jobs and recently they set up a joint bank […] I beg of you don’t say goodbye Can’t we give our love another try?

Come on, baby, let’s start anew ‘Cause breaking up is hard to do…

Change tactic and see if she warms to you, if not then fold your hand (pun intended! If she’s leaning away from you or her posture is stiff, it’s a sure-fire sign that she wants out of the situation and you’re wasting your time.

The night is young and there are many women who’d be more receptive to your advances.

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Politely make your excuses and walk away with your head held high.