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Windows clients updating bind

windows clients updating bind-1

Whatever your application is, BIND 9 probably has the required features.As the first, oldest, and most commonly deployed solution, there are more network engineers who are already familiar with BIND 9 than with any other system.

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Most operating systems also offer BIND 9 packages for their users.The way I see it, bad guys could use this to overwrite popular domain names in the DNS, if they are allowed to send DHCP requests to the same DHCP server (e.g. BIND 9 has evolved to be a very flexible, full-featured DNS system.There are a number of excellent books on BIND; Ron Hutchinson’s DNS for Rocket Scientists is generously posted on the Internet at and can be a very helpful online reference tool.Most users will benefit from joining the bind-users mailing list. NET 2.0 as well as the Visual C 2005 redistributable package (vcredist_x86.exe) installed before will run.

The Visual C 2005 package comes with the BIND download.

BIND 9 is transparent open source, licensed under the MPL 2.0 license.

Users are free to add functionality to BIND 9 and contribute back to the community through our open Gitlab.

The great thing, is that it even works out-of-the-box on some operating systems.

Still, if it doesn't, here are 3 things to care about, so to enable this feature: Note that generally this is not considered a secure setting, and it could be hardened by using key-based authentication, which I won't cover here. I'm curious about the security aspect of this model.

This even leads to pitiful situations, in which people get used to referring to computer by their IPs (or using /etc/hosts), because the DNS cannot be trusted to reflect the reality.