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Wow armory not updating my character

wow armory not updating my character-41

You can see on the armory when you go to the mythic runs tab, and click “view party” for a specific run that my old character name is showing up, leading the blizzard API used by raiderio to credit the runs to the old character.Fixing this ASAP as key pushing starts picking up again would be fantastic I am having the same issue except when it comes to using simulation software.

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I did a faction change yesterday, it's been 26 hours and it still says pending.Character pages now contain character items and stats.It is possible to refresh individual character info - click Refresh button on the right side of the page.They also broke the armory, 90% loading screens, vp and raid resets, gaze buff not working etc etc.This is all the stuff they broke during that 16 hours of incompetence on tuesday.Hi, My issue is that I completed Dragon Soul in Looking for Raid and it won’t update at the armory.

I’ve done the raid for a couple of times just in case and to be sure that this bug remains.

I'm not alone, the customer service forums are filled with a lot of pissed off people.

Race changes, boosts, faction changes, server transfers. Billing your credit card works fine though, fancy that.

I have logged out of the forums and logged back in.

My character itself has updated for example my new guild and realm but not my dungeon armory (nor my ilvl and gear but thats not important to me).

I changed spec 4 days ago, changed transmog yesterday.