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They only need each other, while candy duane host a speed dating party.

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Oh, and obviously the writing is now on the forefront during foot rehab. We're talking people in the fashion industry, financial executives, fellow performers/dancers, full-time moms, casting directors, NY Times bestselling authors, and the list goes on! And when not in the water she went zip lining and hiking and did yoga and ate gelato. KD was also featured in a video from that trip on the Chica Brava website (with apres-surf wet hair no less).In the summer, because she wasn't apparently getting enough activity, KD decided to learn to surf. Doesn't seem like a normal hobby for someone living in NYC, but she was determined and even borrowed a friend's 8-foot surfboard and took it on the subway for 2 hours to East Rockaway to practice. An accidental fall from the ladder to the loft where she sleeps at 2 a.m.It is with a heavy heart that I must ask our Copious Readers to not support Andrew Yang in his quest for the US Democratic presidential nomination.I used to like him, but recently Yang has embraced outdated and poorly researched notions about the institution of marriage, and as a result his policies discriminate against single people (me).Datingdivadaily has a moderate activity level in Stumble Upon with more than 1.17K shares.

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Guevara said that Bernal has never mentioned anything to him about being jealous, and that she will understand that it's just for work.

Kris Bernal was born as Kristine Ann Tan Bernal on in Quezon City, to Edgardo Bernal, an ethnic Tagalog and his Chinese wife, Analyn Tan.

There is a new book proposal in the works and perhaps a romance novel (something KD has been playing with for a while and always wanted to write:-).