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I'm also not really following the rest of your argument, tbh.

www datingsuccessformen com-75www datingsuccessformen com-28www datingsuccessformen com-88www datingsuccessformen com-20 Get your own personal Blog or journal Find out why everyone is talking!When presented with other options that may eventually be equally or slightly less fulfilling, but come without the social pressure, it makes sense to most people to go with the flow. Oh no I'm sorry for the lack of clarity, that was certainly not what I'm implying.They do, and it's an extremely unfortunate problem that we ought to do something about.STEM jobs seem to be the most likely to guarantee this, and as such there's more women interested in these fields.Looking at the graph however, this doesn't seem to explain the full variance (many developing countries have lower levels of representation).Blog directory - Blogdire Directory of blogs, ordered by category. It provides dating tips and flirting strategies as well as advice for understa London Restaurant Reviews brings you local restaurant reviews and recommendations from an American girl who likes to eat, but suddenly found herself in the U. The focus is on dating success for men although some articles are general in nature and anyone can benefit from them.

The blog helps foster and develop the love in relationships. Dating and Seduction Tips for Men This blog contain tips for relationships, online dating, general dating tips, seduction tips and more.

I was merely suggesting that these differences we tend to eagerly attribute to biology (a la James Damore) could very well be caused by a bunch of cultural and societal factors, of which bullying could be one.

Also, over the last two decades there has been a significant increase in cultural recognition and representation of male "nerds," as people who belonged to that category have gained positions of influence, thanks to the tech boom in the 90s, which can sometimes inspire students to pursue their interests despite the bullying.

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The lack of such representative role models for young females is disconcerting and could even cause some people to be slightly more affected by the bullying, because perhaps they don't know a female who works in STEM or know of anyone in recent years who made it big, and simply didn't know it was possible to go against the social tide (which happens all too frequently.)All in all, I think there are a lot of factors at play here and reducing it to one cause seems like wilful ignorance at best. Besides, kids never got bullied for wanting to become engineers, kids got bullied for all of the hyper-focused interests and trait expressions that makes them in to good engineers.