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En Fallas hicimos tres dias de daygame a iniciativa de Glosa Okus, una idea puede ser ahora retomarlo siguiendo una estructura y sacándole el máximo partido. y si mañana no hay suficiente movimiento, pues el jueves o el viernes o el sábado o el domingo o..... Si hablamos del material de Alex Coulson, efectivamente en youtube el cuelga su material gratuito.No perderse sus videos breves con consejos, son realmente utiles.

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“This country has gone to the dogs,” complains one man after a three-hour attempt to buy gas.Te expones totalmente, no hay excusas de lugares de copas, oscuridad y alcohol.Como él mismo dice, nadie puede pretender hacer lo que él llega a hacer de buenas a primeras.Economists and international organizations have urged Berlin for months to spend more to fight a looming recession, but while officials say the government is preparing measures to support demand, they are likely to fall well short of the big stimulus the world is hoping for.With a landmark deal with the Taliban nearly completed, the U. diplomat overseeing peace talks with the insurgents arrived in Kabul to brief top Afghan officials and discuss next steps on a comprehensive settlement of the nearly 18-year Afghan war.And if you DO get a phone number, she probably won't remember you the next day!

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Volatile weather in Europe is wreaking havoc on wine country, forcing vineyards long used to serene summers to experiment with new varietals and higher elevations, and prompting fears the region’s wines may lose some of their recognizable flavors.

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sought Saturday to dispel concerns over her health, telling a packed audience at the National Book Festival that she was readying to plunge into the Supreme Court term opening October.