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Xbox live dating sim

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Then, hold B and press A on one of the following items to display a menu that allows them to be changed as indicated.

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Note: Any cheat codes that rely on the "testingcheats true" code being enabled will have to be reenabled after traveling, entering Create A Sim mode, reloading the game, managing households or town, or causing a loading screen to appear.Incorrect code use may result in an unplayable game.Thus, create a new saved game to prevent corrupting your main game.Note: Some of these codes first require the "testingcheats true" code to be enabled.Additionally, enabling cheats prevents achievements from becoming unlocked.At the park, go far behind the lot to a public space with a bathroom stall.

Then, proceed though the canyon to the left to find a boarded up cave entrance. Your Sim must have Level 10 Hardiness to break down the wooden barrier and explore inside.

Note: Save the game before spawning any objects to avoid issues if the item spawns outside your lot.

Perks ("Get To Work" DLC) After enabling the "testingcheats true" code, the following commands can be used at the console window with the "Get To Work" DLC.

Secret Sixam planet ("Get To Work" DLC) Reach Level 9 in the Science career.

Upgrade the spaceship at the science facility where you work to have a Wormhole Generator.

Note 1: Press A B on the selected sim to enable the sim editor interaction menu.