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You should do this as soon as possible after step 1. Top ↑ If you have caching enabled, clear the cache at this point so the changes will go live immediately.

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Because we are always actively working to keep Checkmk modern, sometimes cutting dead weight and making changes that turn out to be incompatible is unavoidable.Updating Checkmk is a bit different than most other software packages that you may be familiar with. The reason is that Checkmk not only allows multiple independent instances (sites) to run on a single server, but it also allows multiple software versions to be installed simultaneously.Thereby every instance is assigned to an installed version.To illustrate, we can take the following situation on a fictional server: is actually installed, but is currently not being used.This example makes it clear that an update does not simply mean the installation of a new Checkmk RPM/DEB-packet on a server. Let us take the following situation as an example: .If you use one of the affected plug-ins, a new service discovery will be required on the affected host.

An overview of all changes in Checkmk, including a search function can be found online: here.

This is where your themes and plugins live, so you will want to keep them.

If you have customized the default or classic themes without renaming them, make sure not to overwrite those files, otherwise you will lose your changes.

At first the newly-installed version will not be used by any instance, and it will look like this: you can quickly revert to the old version.

As described in the introduction, the first step with an update is the installation of the desired new version of Checkmk.

(Though you might want to compare them for new features or fixes..) Lastly you should take a look at the .