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Yunho and boa dating

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All of the choreography were focused on the skinship, not how good the choreography was.Because of that, Bo A’s partner became more intimate with her like Yunho made his face really close with Bo A and Taemin would waving Bo A’s hair if they were holding hands.

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”Eunhyuk suddenly flustered and the MCs forced him to answer but he couldn’t.The MCs said that Eunhyuk was bad at lying and literally had an interest in Park Gyuri.In fact, they were actually close and often caught using the same things, so that many people assumed they were dating.Unfortunately, as he already practiced so many times, the producers decided the rap part was unnecessary and Eunhyuk just filled in as dancers.The next chance was when Eunhyuk was chosen to do a couple dance with Bo A in her new track ” (senior Bo A) but not anymore.He said that even they were in the same age, Bo A debuted first so that she become his senior and things always be awkward if you have a deal with seniors.

In the past when Eunhyuk was a trainee, he had a chance to be close with Bo A with filling her song with rap part.

People assumed that he fell in love in a first sight.

along with other members of Super Junior, he revealed his relationship with Bo A, a South Korean solo singer under the SM Entertainment.

– Once Yun Ho was mistaken as Shinhwa’s Jun Jin by Chinese fans, when he was in China. – He was discharged from the military on April 20, 2017.

– Yun Ho wants to make a CD with songs he composed for his future girlfriend. – While TVXQ was filming a variety show on October 14, 2006, Yunho was rushed to the hospital after drinking a beverage laced with super glue, given to him by an anti-fan. – Yunho’s ideal type: “I’d like her to be sunny and considerate.

– In every chance ( award show, variety show etc) the first person Yun Ho hugged was Jae Joong and vice versa. It’s because I’d like to lean on her when things get rough.