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Zac efron and emma roberts dating

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# She came in the attention of people for her lead role as Addie Singer on the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous (2004–07).# She released her debut studio album Unfabulous and More in 2005.

Now he had the attention of every woman on the planet, and dudes like me were fed up competing with Efron’s impossible looks.Now with a few entries on this list, we’re using the term “dated” pretty loosely because the details are pretty cryptic involving a few people that Efron’s allegedly been with.That being said, there did seem to be some strange tension between these two former Disney stars.The results of casting the two actors made for captivating performances, with many believing the two could be together in real life. Zac Efron was last known to be dating entrepreneur and model, Sami Miró but that relationship ended in 2016.If they aren’t really dating each other, who are they dating? Though he did not go public with the relationship, there are rumors swirling around about Efron dating another of his rumors persisted that she was in a relationship with co-star Tom Holland, but they were never completely confirmed. Britney Spears was on the brink of her meltdown; the Nintendo Wii just dropped, leading the revolution for motion controls; oh, and a small little indie flick just dropped called was massive in terms of popularity and the film was responsible for two important things: Delivering a culture shock in which everyone took a side of loving the film or hating it.

But Efron had the charm and looks of a clichéd boy band, and just like most boy bands, his time in the limelight seemed to be fizzling out.

No, I'm not crying, I've just been cutting a lot of onions!

So while I’m not a swifter, or a swiftee, or whatever it's called nowadays, I think it’s no secret that Taylor Swift has a long list of dudes she’s dated, but Efron isn’t one of the dudes on that list.

He won the hearts of every 13-year-old girl across the planet and made every guy (including me) jealous of all the attention he was stealing.

I especially loved when was also responsible for throwing an actor straight into the limelight and straight into our hearts, Mr. Efron stole the show with his powerful vocals and star-studded looks.

Now there’s not much to say about these two that you probably don't already know but let’s take a trip down memory lane anyway.